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About Canales Products

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Canales Products is a family-owned business started by a mother and son in hopes of starting a new project together with the objective of being able to share their faith in each bottle that they sell. Along with this they also donate $1 of each bottle to churches and the poor in 3rd world countries in order to make their "mark in this world".

It all started when Carolina Canales (CEO) was a child. Adopted by her widowed aunt and raised along with eight foster siblings, she had to learn the value of hard work & the need of poorest families in the most remote areas of Honduras. Despite growing up in a well stablished family, she was impacted by the pain of children walking barefoot with ripen clothes coming to school. Years later while visited her biological mother in San Pedro Sula one of the largest cities in Honduras, she was struck by the large numbers of boys and young men sleeping rough in ‘Parque Central." abandoned Children spending their time inhaling or sniffing Resistol, a toluene based sweet smelling adhesive used in the manufacture and repair of shoes and leather goods. In a way of helping them cope with hunger, loneliness, fear and despair from living on the streets.


Canales came to the USA at the age of fourteen hoping one day she was going to be back & be able to help these kids by providing a shelter, food, clothes and share her faith with them. This dream is not far from being real, Canales is already sending clothes / shoes to kids in Atlantida, and she wants to continue by reaching her bigger plan, a shelter where kids could be feed, abandoning the streets and finding there is HOPE and a GOD who cares for them.

Let's Help Miss Canales Achieving this dream...

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