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Our Grannies in Honduras believe in conserving their old raw cooking traditions. As the new generation, we feel responsible for not losing our roots and honoring our culturally well-learned skills. Canales Coffee has been harvested on the peaks of Honduras’s mountains but we did not stop there. We make sure the products we are taking to American tables have more than just an origin, but a piece of our roots in flavors and way of cooking.

Our coffee is not only harvested by Honduran farmer families but also roasted, grained, and blended by Honduran grannies. Making use of our old traditions, the coffee is wood-fired roasted with cane sugar, and blended with Cinnamon, an organic and local aromatic spice. The process of wood fire roasting is known for the slow roasting process, ensuring the coffee is lower in acidity and higher in body, adding more flavor to the coffee. This process also gives our coffee a smooth finish with just a hint of smokiness that everyone will enjoy.

It’s best if you try it yourself.

Honduran Coffee - Cinnamon Flavored

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