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Canales is bringing to you the most succulent BBQ hot sauce you will ever taste. Made of The datil pepper, a green to yellowish-golden aromatic hot pepper belonging to the species of Capsicum chinense, mainly produced and grown in St. Augustine, Florida. Aside from Datils another main ingredient, Blueberries which add a blood-dark reddish-purple color desired. Canales was trying to come out with the idea of bringing a sauce that will represent the blood of Jesus that cleans us from all our sins. As you all know Canales is a Mainly Christian company and its main goal is to preach the gospel and let Jesus be known throughout our products. The sauce not only tastes delightful but it also serves as a BBQ and hot sauce, a rare combination found. We are also happy to announce this sauce has been named one of the finalists and award winners for the 2024 GoodFood Awards based in California. Out of 2k competitors Passion for Christ hot sauce has been named as one of the judges favorite. We praise our lord Christ for such an honor. Do not wait and get yours so you can agree we have come out with the best Datil pepper hot sauce.

Passion for Christ

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